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- Discovering Depth, Joy & Meaning
By Moshe Gersht
"Gersht points out the true joy of Succos"
- Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski
"Studying this material in depth will change your festival"
- Rabbi Akiva Tatz
"When you read Succos Inspired you are given a gift"
- Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

No matter what has happened this year, your Sukkot will be inspired by new layers of depth, joy, and meaning.

Would you like to experience the meaning, power, and energy embedded in the holiday of Sukkot? 

Infuse this special time of unity, community, and connection with new insights about yourself and the life you live.

Just to give you a taste, chapter titles include:

  •  Being Happy in the Present Moment
  • ​The Wellspring of Our Soul
  • ​Building from The Broken
  • ​The Secret of The Sechach and The Walls
Truly impressive, interesting, informative and inspiring. The ideas which are deep and ethereal are presented in a very lucid and well explained manner.
- Rabbi Zev Leff
As Featured In:
As Featured In:
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